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Archive for January 4th, 2009

*But Not As Much As Zombies And Internet Porn

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Vacation is over, so it’s back to the fun mine for me.

I had a good break, got to play a bunch of video games, build and paint some models, and watched several seasons of Babylon 5. I also received a small pile of movies that involve dead things eating people, gratuitous use of automatic weapons, and/or power tools used in an irresponsible manner. It’s been a good few weeks.

One of the things I did was round up the loose list items. See every once in a while somebody will send me just a one or to items for the Friends of Skippy list. Which is not enough for me to make an entire post out of it. And so as I look at the several emails that have been sent to me, I am forced to make a choice. I can either dig through my email, and turn a bunch of the individual items into one big list. Or I can just use one of the larger lists and spend the extra time killing video game zombies and looking at internet porn.

And I have to say that I really love killing zombies and internet porn.