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Archive for September 30th, 2008

Packed In

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

(Post by skippy. Typos by alcohol.)

So as regular readers have already figured out, I have just moved from Illinois to Arizona, due to a really good job offer. The downside to all of this is shipping everything across the country on short notice, as well as prepping my house for sake. And naturally our movers got “unfortunately delayed”. Which I’m pretty sure is mover talk for, “Screw it, we’ve got all of your stuff, and you have to pay us to get it back, so well just show up whenever we feel like it. If this displeases you, please feel free to suck a bag of dicks.”

While I was at work today the movers finally did show up. I was pleased by this turn of events as I was tired of sleeping on an air mattress and using a card tbale as a computer desk.

On related note, my house in IL was significantly larger than the small place that I am renting now. Physics being the stone cold bitch that she is, this has caused a bit of a bottleneck in the unpacking department. This means my computer is now boxed in by some assembled shelving, a mattress and some sort of lamp/tree thing that I am not entirely sure that we started with.

In order to move the things blocking my computer, I’d have to clear out another area, and find a place for that stuff. Remember those sliding tile puzzles where you have to push the little squares around until the picture is assembled? That’s pretty much what I have going on right now. And since I had to work late tonight , I was way too tired to want to take part in a Tetris LARP.

All of this has been me taking the long way around to tell you that I had a funny story already prepared, and now I can’t get to it. I can however get to my laptop, and the six-pack of hard cider that my wife thoughtfully provided, so here I am just more or less typing whatever ideas pop into my head.

My wife pointed out to me the other day that due to our move we went from having Obama as our Senator to having McCain. I find that mildly amusing, and am pretty sure that makes me qualified to be on a news program as a talking head discussing the election. Although it would probably make me overqualified for Fox. (Quick aside: Does anybody find it funny that the single most xenophobic news network is owned by a foreigner?)

In fact, I have decided that living in both states during the election has uniquely qualified me to solve the current bailout issue. For some reason. Which I will do tomorrow once I am sober. At the present all of my economic stabilization ideas seem to involve high powered sniper rifles, cannibalism and clowns.