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Archive for September 25th, 2008

Sort Of Moved.

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

I am now an Arizonian.  Driving cross country with a car full of animals was less fun than it sounds.  Adapting to the heat is a whole new experience.  Me and my wife are from Texas, so we thought we understood heat.  Hah.

Texas is merely warm.  Arizona is a sun-blasted hellscape.

So far we have an Internet connection, a card table and an air mattress but no other form of furniture as our movers have decided that we didn’t actually need any stuff until next week.

But my new job is completely awesome so it all works out.

I would also like to thank Michiel for taking over while I was unable to run the site.  And I would also like to thank all of the regulars who formed a revolt against him while I was away.  I want to see the final t-shirt design.  Or photos of the naked-alcohol-bonfire-trebuchet part.

I’ll have some stories about the trip once I get more settled.