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Archive for May 27th, 2008

New Friends Additions

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

And before I show the list, SPC Jeremy Johnson wanted me to tell you about Operation Happy Note.

In his own words”
“These guys are sending musical instruments to deployed soldiers, which is fucking awesome, and I figured its the kind of thing that you would plug on your site.”

Well spotted Jeremy, and consider the info passed on.

(Submitted by SPC Jeremy Johnson)

  • Not allowed to tell my LT “I don’t have to listen to you, you’re just a Lieutenant!” (Note that this never actually stopped me)
  • Not allowed to remove computer equipment to install a microwave in the shelter.
  • Not allowed to remove computer equipment to install a mini-fridge in the shelter.
  • Not allowed to install an X-Box in the shelter.
  • Not even if I give the LT a turn.
  • Not allowed to convert my Humvee into a Pirate Ship.
  • Not allowed to ‘just’ fly a Jolly Roger from the antenna mount.
  • Not allowed to slash the tires of Vehicles that park in my spot.
  • Even if they belong to other units.
  • Especially if they belong to another Country.
  • Not allowed to exchange my M16 for a Pistol, “Because it’ll be more fun.”
  • Not allowed to Exchange my M16 for a shotgun, “Because all the cool kids have one.”
  • Not allowed to exchange my M16 for a Sub-Machine Gun.
  • Ok, I can, but only if I can find one for the commander too.
  • Not allowed to shoot at Civilian Contractors in Suburbans if they’re tailgating me. That job belongs to the LT. (True story, don’t ever give that guy the finger)

(Submitted By Joshua Nolan)

  • Cannot ride a quad-barreled APC designated for the Iraqi Army like a rodeo star.

  • The answer “You might.” is not consent to attempt to jump a 3 foot sand berm in an 18-wheeler after running over the “DO NOT ENTER” sign.

  • Cannot attempt to jump anything in an 18-wheeler.
  • Dr Pepper is not basic pyro issue.

  • Cannot start a pillw fight on an airliner and blame PTSD.